Gateway Project

Joseph Nicollet’s 1843 Hydrographical Map is both a product of its time and a testament to the history of the region. It represents a liminal moment as the era of European exploration gave way to way to

Other projects related to Nicollet, his expeditions, and his map:

Heritage Museums of the Coteau des Prairies

Learn about Joseph N. Nicollet’s exploration of the Coteau des Prairies in the 1830s.

Reimagining Joseph N. Nicollet’s Mapping Expeditions

This project explores the landscape of Southern Minnesota through Joseph N. Nicollet’s diaries as well as those of his partner, Charles A. Geyer. Includes photographs of the modern landscape. Hosted by St. Olaf College.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Explore the botanical collections from Joseph N. Nicollet’s expeditions in 1838 and 1839.

Nicollet 1843 Georeferenced Map